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Summer Vacations. What Did You Do?

Summer vacations are a wonderful thing. Did you do something over the summer? Please comment below. We’d like to know.

Summer is such a fantastic time of the year. The days are longer and warmer. More people are outside. Flowers are blooming. Vegetables are growing. Kids, teens, and college students are out of school. The sun is shining, hopefully more often than not.

Summer vacations can be very extravagant: A first class trip to Disney World or a trip to an exotic country. Exploring a quiet beach or catching a big wave with a surf board.

How about setting up a chair in the back yard with a 6 pack of soda or beer? A week off from work and relaxing in the sun? That sounds pretty awesome to me. Put on some music. Invite some friends over. Instant good time!

No matter what you do, the important thing is to enjoy it. Vacation time is a scarce luxury. Make the most of your time. Go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Dream vacations can wait. Fun vacations can happen now!

CashCrate can help. A lot of members have shared their past vacation stories with us, and how their CashCrate Money made it more fun. Maybe it paid for a night in a hotel room, a nice meal out, a souvenir, a tank of gas, or another essential.

We hope you had a fun vacation and enjoyed your summer. This time of the year goes by so fast!

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Back to School also means Back to College

Is it me? When we watch all the Back to School commercials and look at the sales circulars, it seems back to school is oriented more towards kids and younger teens.  Sales push supplies needed for elementary, middle school, and high school.  College has to fit in there somewhere.

College students often need a lot … read more

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Where can Freelance Writers Make Money? Squidoo and HubPages are combining. Yahoo Voices Closed.

Yahoo Voices closed in July.  Squidoo and HubPages are combining.

The Freelance Writing Market is shrinking.  Several years ago, there were many places to write and get paid for content, or many more ways to monetize it.  Put a decent article on Associated Content and you could rank well for keywords, even appearing on the … read more

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Bryan Earned Several Hundred Dollars just by Completing Offers and Surveys

Bryan from Florida makes money at CashCrate to buy groceries, pay bills and for birthday and Christmas presents for his family.  CashCrate fits into his busy schedule because he can make money whenever he wants to.  He shares his methods below:
It was late in 2011 when I graduated with a 2-year degree from my local … read more

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You too can have success! Charles from New York makes over $2,500 at CashCrate!

About a year ago, I was looking for a way to make money online from my home. In my search, I stumbled across CashCrate. Before too long I signed up and before you know it, in just a few hours, I made over $20. I could tell right away the earning potential of the site … read more

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Back to School Sales and Safety

It’s back to school time once again. “Where did the summer go,” the kids are asking. It went by way too quick. For kids, the end of summer vacation can be a sad time, but for parents, some may feel mixed emotions. It may be a bit of a relief to … read more

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National Dollar Day

National Dollar Day is August 8th, 2014. “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” and there is a National Dollar Day too.
I am willing to bet most of you have never heard of National Dollar Day. Honestly, I never heard of it until I started researching for this blog post. Surprisingly, it’s been … read more

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Final Summer Contest! Win Big August Cash!

August is the last full month of summer. Come celebrate with a big earnings contest!

It’s the August Contest for Everyone
The 40 members who earn the most money completing Surveys on the Surveys Page and TopSurveys Page win a cash prize!

People in past contests made hundreds completing Surveys!
Check the Contest Page for your … read more

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Nadia from Georgia wins $100!

Nadia won the $100 Raffle in our July Live Contest.  Congratulations and we’re glad you enjoyed the contest.
I literally signed up as a CashCrate member the day before the contest. I was looking around the site for a few minutes. Then, I decided to click on “live contests” under community. I began to … read more

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Ben from Oklahoma Wins First Place in the July Live Contest! See How!

Ben from Oklahoma took first place in our July Live Contest and won $50.  He shares his contest experience and how he does it below:
In my opinion, the Live Contests are really the best part about CashCrate. Its a unique opportunity that no other site does. Not only do you have the chance to win … read more

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