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First Check and it’s for $100+

Every month, we have tons of members getting a nice payment from CashCrate.  Kaylah from Virginia has an exceptionally nice one coming.  Her first check from CashCrate is over $100!
How did she do it?
So, I joined CashCrate earlier in May (2013), right before school had ended. I was just a teenager about to graduate high … read more

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Raffi from NY breaks $1,000 in Earnings and Fixes his First Car!

Raffi joined CashCrate in July 2012. In his spare time, he’s made more than $1,000! He made his money doing Cash Offers, Daily Surveys, Bonus Surveys, and by referring a few others.

As a teenager, getting your first car is a huge milestone.  It’s a great sense of accomplishment and gives you the freedom to … read more

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CashCrate Payment Details

The minimum payout is $20. In order to have a payment sent you must reach at least $20 in earnings.
The current earnings period always ends at 11:59:59 PM EST on the last day of each month.
Earnings for the current month are sent on the 1st or on the 15th of the … read more

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Happy Parent’s Day

Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of every July. It’s an opportunity to recognize our Moms and Dads and all they have done for us. Parent’s Day was first celebrated in 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed it into law.

CashCrate understands the tough economic times and the financial stress put … read more

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Frank is Batting a Thousand: 1,000 Offers and Surveys Completed and Over 1,000 Referred!

Frank from Indiana is batting 1,000 at CashCrate. Recently, he completed his 1,000th offer/survey and he’s referred over 1,000 members. What an awesome coincidence and accomplishment!
Frank shares his CashCrate journey:
Cashcrate: How I Made it To 1,000 Completed Entries

A few years back I needed extra money like everyone else. I had a job, but … read more

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Katie’s Getting Married

Katie is a single Mom who joined CashCrate in 2012.  Or should we say she was a single Mom? Katie shares her happy news below:
On July 11, 2013 my boyfriend asked me to become his wife. We plan on getting married at the Little Bells Chapel in Harrison, Arkansas on a Wednesday during the spring … read more

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Moving? You Can Take CashCrate With You (by Alicia)

By Alicia D.
Alicia is a stay at home Mom with a young daughter. She also attends college and joined CashCrate in 2010. Alicia writes a monthly column: “A Stay at Home Mom’s Guide to Using CashCrate” about various topics.
One of the hardest things any person, or family goes through is moving. It’s one of … read more

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Brand New Daily Survey. Pays 90 Cents! Harris Poll ResponseCast.

Harris Poll ResponseCast is brand new and pays 90 cents!  Get paid for your opinion each and every day!

Potentially, that’s an extra $27 for you each and every month.

I took a Harris Poll ResponseCast survey yesterday and plan on taking another one today.  I really liked the layout and it approved quickly for me.
read more

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How do I get Referrals from a Forum? A Step by Step Guide

The number of Forums on the Internet seems almost limitless. You can find a forum on any topic, ranging from Race Cars, to Video Games, to Work at Home Moms and Dads.

How do you get referrals from a forum?

Number One: What Do You Like? Go Look For It.

The first thing you … read more

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After 3 Years, We Welcome Back A Graduate

Navin from Florida joined CashCrate 3 years ago. College kept him so busy, he really wasn’t able to do much. Navin’s first check consists of offers and surveys he did in 2010 and in 2013. You never lose what you’ve earned at CashCrate.
According to Navin:
CashCrate has been an overall outstanding experience for me. … read more

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